Football/Soccer Athletes

The Thesis Proposal must be written in the style of an academic paper (formal English, with full paragraphs. You may not use bullet points or any form of notes).

The Thesis Proposal needs to have a clear and logical structure (follow the template)

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Football/Soccer Athletes
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The Thesis Proposal must use APA style in-text citations and include a reference list at the end. Independently of the type of the thesis, the reference list should contain academic sources.


Your thesis focus and relevance

Provide a brief introduction to the topic and justify why it is worth doing. How is your thesis novel or original? How would it contribute to society and/or business? You must explain how the thesis will encourage responsible leadership or make a contribution to sustainable development.

Research paper: What is your research question?



Please give us a critical overview of your topic or idea. What are other people saying about this issue? You must outline/define the key relevant concepts and your framework/theory/approach.

Research paper: Provide a critical overview of the key relevant academic literature. Compare, contrast and evaluate the different arguments put forward by scholars. Identify the gap in knowledge or area where you can develop a theory, framework or solution.

Football/Soccer Athletes

Your research plan

How do you plan to find out about your topic and who might you need to talk to to get information to:

Research paper: Answer your research question(s)?

describe in detail the methods you will use to achieve the objective of your thesis. What type of data will you collect? What sources will you use (primary or secondary)?

Identify any potential limitations to your research. What data might be difficult or impossible to find? How could that impact the reliability of your findings?

Explain how you will integrate ethics into your research process e.g. Use of consent forms, confidentiality agreements. .For more information on Football/Soccer Athletes Check:

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