Global Identities

Read the assigned text carefully, then prepare a 2 page essay reflecting on, and responding to the text. No sources are needed for this, but you are advised to use what we discussed in class to ground your opinion and reach an educated reflection on the text. After presenting what you think to be the article’s main argument, find an idea or two that draw you to the article, present your idea(s) as best you can, then interact (critique, explain, refute, etc) with the idea(s) presented. As will all academic writing, this must be cohesive with a clear thesis statement in your introductory paragraph, a development of paragraphs that link to the thesis statement, and a conclusion.

10% Introduction: General to specific. Provides full name of author(s) and title(s) of primary source(s). Ends with clear, focused and argumentative thesis statement, in one sentence.
• 10% Conclusion: Specific to general. Provides brief summary of paper, highlights its relevance, invites reader to investigate further and/or look into certain other ideas on the topic
• 10% MLA: Adhere to MLA Style
• 10% Language: Academic, formal, complicated and well-styled
• 20% Topic: Offers interesting and creative analysis
• 20% Body: All paragraphs relate clearly to thesis, each paragraph begins with opening statement and ends with closing statement
• 20% Support: Offers adequate support in the form of direct and indirect quotations, offers input to the quoted information

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Global Identities
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Grewal & Kaplan’s “Global Identities”


please do follow the instructions as stated and do not use another source other than the site above
thank you.

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Global Identities


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