Global Sociology

Essay #1 will focus on the conceptual materials that are part of the beginning material of our course, including basic concepts like “culture/material/non-material” and the framework of seeing the Global Order from macro levels, while understanding the micro levels of such issues and examples as global stratification and its impacts on everyday life.

Follow the following outline as a guide to developing your essay. Please be sure to cite and make specific references to class materials: the Chirico book, chapters 1, 2, 3, and the documentary Humanity from Space.

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Global Sociology
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Essay Format:

Length: 1000-1500 words.

Essay style: Introduce the essay, develop your points/ideas in full paragraphs, and conclude your essay. Cite your course references.


Describe and discuss what is meant by the macro/micro study of the global order, including such concepts as the expansion of the technological, economic and social order of the planet, from the past to the present. Present your understanding of the course concepts of how our world became and is stratified, with great wealth and great poverty from the engines of development like industrialization.

In your conclusion try to position yourself in this global order that is stratified: are you a “global citizen” – in what ways? Do you think that you are ethnocentric in any way?

Explain the meaning the concepts that you use without merely defining them. Your own words should be used, keeping in mind the accuracy and factuality of information that you present.For information on Global Sociology read this:

Global Sociology

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