Google Classroom Assignments Help

Google Classroom is an online learning platform where you can engage your students and give them google classroom assignments. This platform has G suit services with features like Google docs, slides, and sheets that enhances teacher, student collaboration in a paperless way.

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Google Classroom Assignments Help
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This Google creation is not only for students and teachers. Anyone can use Google classroom if they have a Google account.  Nonprofit organizations, independent educators, administrators, schools, and even families are all eligible to use the platform. The primary users who are teachers and students can access it via the school account.

How can the Google Classroom Features Help?

Google classroom has many features that can simplify the collaboration between the teacher and students. You can also learn how to submit assignments on google classroom for students. Here are some of the main features and how you can leverage them to improve your lessons and google assignments.

1.     Assignments

You can use various formats like PDF files, you-tube videos, google classroom assignment template, and survey forms to prepare assignments for your class and make it more interactive. The Google classroom gives you the option to prepare the assignments and send them to the students immediately, or you can schedule it for a particular day.

2.     Customizable Grading-System

After assessing the students’ assignment, you can select a grading system that works for your class like Total Point or weighted by category. Also, you can opt not to grade your students.

3.     Virtual Discussions

Students have a shared platform, and they can collaborate in class discussions, including comments, feedback, quizzes, and other question and answer responses. You can control the class discussions by using the mute feature on individual students.

How Students Learn in Google Classroom

Students’ learning styles differ from one student to the next, and a multimedia approach will make teaching more effective. Some students learn better when they watch videos. Others might prefer audio files or hard copy files, and teachers can share learning materials and assignments using these options.


Students can also submit assignments using the format that will help them express themselves well. Educational apps can seamlessly integrate with Google classroom to enhance the learning experience. Such apps include


  • An animated and interactive explained video called Brain pop
  • An app for gaming activities to improve keyboard skills called Typing club
  • An interactive and engaging slide show for students called Pear deck.

Google Classroom Assignment Ideas

Google Classroom Assignment Ideas

Google classroom assignments are part of Google classroom online learning, and you need to assess and grade your students as usual. On this platform, some tools allow you to give grades and feedback on assignments that students have submitted.


You can use Google’s classroom grading tool to access the grading bar to leave the student’s grade and private comment. Other tools like comment bank, private comments are accessible on the platform. Kaizena is another Google add on where you can leave your voice comment regarding an assignment.

How to Find Google Classroom Assignments, Due Dates, and Grades

The students’ assignments and the due dates can be accessed on the classwork page. Students can see their grades after assessment and see the teacher’s comments or hear a recording of the comments section.


The Google classroom can also work offline. Students can do their assignments using G suit Services like Google docs even without the internet.

How to Submit an Assignment on Google Classroom 2020

After completing the Google classroom assignment, students need to understand how they can successfully submit the assignment. Below is what a student needs to do to turn in his or her assignment.


Make sure you complete the assignment. The teacher can give an assignment on the Realize platform. Log in to Google classroom to access the assignment.


Once the browser is open, click the “Take-me-now” button. Select the Realize assignment and the activity you are required to do. Complete all the activities and verify once again that it’s complete. Click the “Turn-In” assignment to submit your work.

How to Schedule an Assignment in Google Classroom

Google Classroom enables you to create assignments for your students and attach the relevant materials. Students will be notified once you have posted the assignment, and they can access it, work on it, and turn it in.

Once a student submits an assignment, they are unable to make any changes. Here is how Google classroom assign to specific students


Sign in to the classroom platform, and on the stream, tab clicks assignment. Write the title of the assignment, and a description, then click on the due date and adjust accordingly.


You can attach any relevant material to the assignment using the appropriate icon. Some of the attaching options include a paper clip, Google drive, and you-tube button.


You can also choose how the students can access the uploaded documents by assigning permission like view only or edit. Google classroom can make a copy for each student homework.

Key Takeaway

virtual learning

Google classroom has provided a platform for collaboration where students can express themselves and engage with their teachers through google classroom assignments. Teachers can provide effective, organized, and interactive lessons and assignments through virtual learning. This is now becoming a new reality in the education system. Online platforms like Google classroom is the perfect 24/7 solution for assignment help. Contact us to get more insights on online platforms and google classroom assignments.

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