Health Education Specialists

On page 298 of our text, Cottrell, et al. pose the critical thinking question “Assume that all information about any topic is available on the internet. If that were true, would there be any need for health education specialists? Defend your answer.” I am changing that question, and I am asking you to take this issue personally. Keep in mind that many health agencies, including schools, rely on government funding that is sometimes diminished or even entirely eliminated during times of a budgetary crises such as the one we are in now..

This is a creative writing exercise that asks you to defend yourself. If health information is available on the internet and in books and journals, why do we need you? After all, you are going to invest a lot of time and money becoming what you will be, and the university and perhaps your family and the government will also make a considerable investment, yet all that knowledge is right there. It’s even on TV!

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Health Education Specialists
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Part 1 – Your Thread: Using the good essay writing skills that you have learned, create a thread consisting of at least 300 words, defending the need for health education/promotion specialists. Why do we need you at all? Include at least 3 good reasons why we need you, and defend those reasons.For more information on Health Education Specialists check this:

Health Education Specialists

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