Health Insurance Companies

Please read carefully before you bid.

· Broad Topic – Healthcare technology

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Health Insurance Companies
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· The writer will need to refine the research question after their literature review. I would like to review and change the research question if required.

· Proposed Topic and research question:

How can Health Insurance Companies help Solve Opioid Crisis by using technology or any other methods?

· Sample research paper are attached for reference

· The research paper should at least be 25 pages long, double spaced and APA format. It should contain all of the below sections.


1. Title Page

2. Abstract including keywords

3. Introduction

4. Aims and objectives of research

5. Research questions

6. Problem statement and Justification

7. Literature review (should at least be 10 pages)

8. Proposed solution approach (below sections are just for example)

a. Research worldview

b. Research design

c. Research strategy

d. The proposed research methodology

e. Data collection methods

f. Method of data analysis

g. Population and Sample

h. Ethical considerations

i. Expected results

9. Conclusion

10. References

a. Need minimum of 15 references

11. Appendices.For more information on Health Insurance Companies read :

 Health Insurance Companies

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