Health Perspectives

Consider the upstream (primary and secondary prevention) and downstream (tertiary prevention) approaches to the model with diabetes.

Social-Ecological Model
Intrapersonal- Behavior, Biological, Psychological.
Interpersonal- Home, Family, Peer group.
Organizational- Work, Health organizations, Clubs and associations, School
Community- Built Environment, Public Facilities, Social Capital, Social Class, Ethnicity Cultures.
Society- Infrastructure, Health Facilities, Economics, Education, Government Policy, National Ethos.

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Health Perspectives
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How might you react to being diagnosed with diabetes? What are some of the cultural biases of being diagnosed with this disease?

Describe on primary and one secondary method of preventing the health problem( i.e., upstream methods). Which would you most likely choose?

Describe two biomedical methods ( tertiary prevention) of dealing with the health problem( i.e., downstream methods).

In your own words, explain how the Social Ecological Model could be used to address these health issues. Give at least one example, applying terms from the model. For more information on Health Perspectives check on this:

DNP Role Presentation

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