Hometown Environmental History

An assessment of your hometown today (Amman, JORDAN). You will document a contemporary environmental issue in your town, describing it in some detail and laying out the various positions of stakeholders around this issue. Think critically about these positions and weigh in with your own take on them. In addition, how would you characterize your hometown in terms of housing styles, neighbourhood design, and street patterns? 


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Hometown Environmental History
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What about demographics? Census data is easy to get and adds some meat to your analysis. How do residents get to work?  Is there room set aside for recreation?  Describe the ‘activity spaces’ of typical residents and their uses of the local environment. Reflect on the imprint of the past on the present in terms of land uses, and extrapolate to the future. What does your town look like in 20 | 50 | 100 years? What is the level of awareness among the residents about environmental or sustainability issues? Does your town have a Sustainability Plan, and if so, what are its recommendations? Are there efforts in your town to add parks or open space? This section of the paper should be three to four pages long. For more information on Hometown, Environmental History read this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental_history



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