How to Write an Informal Essay

How to Write an Informal Essay

Informal essays are common assignments in high school and colleges, especially in literature classes. Your lecturer will request you to write reflection papers to demonstrate your understanding of a particular topic, such as informal essay examples about life. The word informal does not mean that the student will write a disorganized and unformatted essay. The assignment should be clean and presentable regardless of its nature. Read on to learn more about informal writing.

What is an informal essay?

It’s writing with less restriction on language, formatting, and tone contrast to formal essay examples. It’s the only type of assignment where your lecturer allows you to use your preferred language. It’s okay to use the first person on these types of informal essays, and formatting your papers takes any form without following formal essays’ outline

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The primary purpose of an informal essay is for self-expression. Unfortunately, many students do not know what informal writing is or its purpose. Your lecturer gives you these assignments to allow you to explain a point or a topic in the best way possible. They realize that formal essays restrict your thoughts and ideas. You may write on reflection papers, diaries, and critical writing.

Informal topic writing includes casual writing. It simplifies your communication language, which is the primary purpose of the paper. Your instructor allows you to use conversational tones in your essay. It’s like writing a friendly letter. Avoid using abusive or vulgar words in your writing. They make your paper emotional instead of being objective.

Informal topics use fewer references and citations. Students get excited to write writing an informal essay. It’s the only time they don’t include a long list of references and numerous in-text citations. Only include authors where necessary, such as after using direct quotes and paraphrased words.

Steps to follow when writing an informal essay

Topic selection

The first step is to know what you want to write

In most cases, your lecturer will only give you a scope of what to write. The decision on a specific topic depends on you. It’s for your advantage when the tutor allows you to select an informal essay topic. You have a chance to write anything you want without any limitation.

Choose an interesting and familiar topic

Your informal essay should be enjoyable to read. Selecting a manageable title is one way of writing an excellent copy. Your paper should communicate your emotions and intentions correctly to your reader.

Have your audience in mind when selecting a topic

A gross mistake is to present an issue to the wrong people. No matter how thoughtful or skillful your case is, your audience will not benefit from it.

Knowing your listeners helps you to set the tone and words for your essay.

Let’s say you want to address the freshmen in your college by writing several examples of informal essays about education. You will mention things that they can relate to, such as starving for a few hours before finding a cafeteria. Your word choice will change if your paper is for master’s students.

Create an informal outline

An outline is not only for formal papers but informal writing as well. It helps you to organize your paper. Your essay flows when you have a design. Writing an informal essay is not an excuse for you to present a disorganized paper.

Your audience deserves to have an easy transition from one section to another. Your assignment should be close to a formal essay outline.

It’s easier to know what to talk about in your paper when you have an outline. You organize your thoughts more clearly and objectively.

An example of an excellent informal outline enables you to know how your final copy will look like and make any adjustments.

An outline helps you to write your ideas before you forget them. Some important information may disappear as you start to write. Having a reference as you continue writing will save your time and energy needed to remember forgotten points. Sometimes you may not complete your essay one day, and essential facts may be lost by the time you are coming back to continue writing.

Set the right tone for your informal writing

Your tone determines how your audience will receive the message. Young people would appreciate a hilarious and engaging style, while the aged audience would prefer an emotional tone. After all, what is an informal essay for if it’s not to have a conversation with your audience?

Your tone depends on the topic. Some essays will require you to use authoritative language, while others will need an emotional and appealing manner. Know the message you want to portray to your audience and choose the best way to bring it out. Let’s say you want people to take action at the end of your presentation. The best language to use is emotional, appealing to their senses and prompting them to do something about your presentation. Look for a language that will stir their hearts and thoughts. Statements like time-consciousness create a sense of urgency, thus making your audience act.

Be consistent in your tone. A reader should have an easy time following your informal essay topic to the end. They should not feel lost or left behind in your essay because of using a different tone. If it’s authoritative, let it remain so to the end.

Edit your paper

The problem with many students is to edit their assignments. They want to write the essay without turning back to see what they have achieved. Many end up scoring low grades because of grammatical errors.  

Proofread your work. Reread your informal essay after writing and correct any mistake you had made. Ensure your paper is readable and has a clear flow of thoughts. The unedited assignment casts doubts on your content.

Your lecturer assumes that you did your assignment hurriedly with less attention to detail. Such an impression makes your tutor less attentive to your informal essay topics because they have already formed an attitude on what to expect. They will scan through the document and grade your work without thoroughly reading the content.

No one would spend hours trying to comprehend unreadable content knowing they have hundreds of essays to mark.

Informal essay writing format


An introduction tells your reader what you will cover in your essay. Your audience should understand the whole paper by reading this section. Give background information about your topic by explaining why you choose the topic.

It’s advisable to use minimum statistics in your informal essay. A formal essay example requires you to use figures in the introduction part because you want to give your reader a reason for your argument later in the paragraphs. Informal writing is about your opinion and your thoughts on a particular subject. Including statistics diverts your writing’s purpose.

Include a thesis statement in your writing. Your introduction should end with a sentence summing up your whole essay. Many wonder how to phrase a single sentence to talk about a three thousand words essay. It’s possible to achieve this if you have the skills. Think of what you want to communicate to your audience and craft it within one line. A thesis statement helps you to be more objective and to avoid generalization. If you know how to write a formal essay introduction, you will not have a hard time crafting an informal assignment.

Avoid references in your introduction. This section allows you to express yourself on the chosen topic. Citing authors in your introduction changes the paper to a formal essay example. Use the opportunity to explain and engage your audience at this stage. It will help you to sail with them in other sections without feeling confused.

Citations limit what to talk about in your informal essay. You will have to expound on the references you have used in your introduction throughout the paper. Your words will be few and more of analyzing the authors. The purpose of an informal essay is to express your ideas. Don’t spoil it with other people’s words and opinions.

Body paragraphs for your informal essay

The body carries the main ideas of your essay and expounds on your thesis statement. Your paragraphs should express your opinion to the fullest. Put everything you wanted to talk about in the body part. Ensure you remain focused even in informal writing.

Look for factual information or reality to back up your essay. The paper should not be a collection of words that do not move your audience. They should desire to read your assignment to the end. The best way to achieve this is to appeal to their emotions and senses. Use a language that they can understand and comprehend.  

What moves you will probably impact your audiences too. Consider your audience and picture their feeling as they read your informal essay. Use that image to get them hooked on your assignment. Avoid using words that express anger, annoyance, and bitterness unless they align with the topic. Dozens of people suffer from depression, and the last thing they want is to listen to negative energy.

Use transitioning words to engage your audience. Your assignment will appear natural and readable when you use these words. They help your reader to connect phrases for smooth reading. Do not overuse these words. Your assignment will look dull and fluffy.  

An informal outline should have at least five paragraphs since it’s the acceptable method in most essays. The first paragraph is an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.


The last part of your essay is a conclusion. It allows you to sum up the main points in your writing. State your opinion here about the topic you have discussed. You can call your audience to act on the information you have provided. Other writers prefer to give way forward about the informal essay they have written.

Make your conclusion attractive. Your audience may forget about any other part of your essay but not your conclusion. Students become tired as they near the climax, such that they only scribble a few words in this section.

The conclusion is the second most scanned part of your informal essay after grammar and format. Your lecturer does not have time to go through a three thousand words essay for fifty students. They only read the conclusion to get an idea of what you wrote in your body paragraph. They will assume that your content is as good as your conclusion, and that’s how you score lower grades.


Include a reference list for your informal essay. References give your work credibility. Unless you are writing an introductory letter, include a bibliography in all writing. Most informal writing involves reflection papers and critical analysis. In one way or the other, you will mention an author or a book in your writing. Ensure to include them at the end of your paper.

Writing informative and engaging paragraphs in an informal essayHow to Write an Informal Essay fast


Knowing how to construct your paragraphs is critical. Every letter and word determine how your reader will view the information you are communicating. Informal writing is unique because the writer depends on their opinion and ideas to form an argument. Phrasing your thoughts in the right way is essential for your audiences.

Short paragraphs

Your paragraphs should have a maximum of five lines. Long sections make your assignment lose meaning, and only a few people will take time to read one long paragraph. People interact with social media, which has short messages, and this has affected their reading style.  

Short paragraphs enable you to avoid fluffy content in your informal writing. Know that you have few words to use per section helps to remain focused and straight to the point. The reader scans the document faster and understands your point.

Use short sentences in your informal essay. Long lines make your work lose meaning. A sentence should have less than fifteen words. It’s easier to read and comprehend short sentences. It helps you avoid grammatical errors and wordy sentences.

Cover one idea in each paragraph

Students do not know how to create smooth-flowing content. They jump from one idea to the other in one section. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence that covers one point. Mixing your content disorganizes your paper.

As much as it’s an informal essay, it’s essential to show professionalism in your writing. Think about an idea, and then support it with other sentences. Your reader should have complete information about your paragraph by reading the first line.

Write the unrelated ideas that come in the middle of a paragraph separately and construct more sections. It’s common for unexpected content to come to your mind. Resist the temptation of including them in your current paragraph to avoid confusion and miscommunication. Instead, scribble it somewhere and continue thinking of ways of constructing it into a section.  

Use appropriate language in your informal essay writing

Students confuse informal writing to mean slang, vulgar or abusive language. Remember that you are still a student and bided by the code of conduct. No matter how enthusiastic you are about your topic, always ensure you communicate instead of cursing.  

The reason many uses lousy language is that they confuse informal writing with emotions. Your lecturer only allows you to use your feelings only when expressing a point. Not all sympathetic words should be used. Use courteous words to describe your anger and frustrations. Your lecturer will tell you that they don’t award marks for vulgar language. Avoid using abusive language, especially when talking about someone.

Common mistakes to avoid when writing an informal essay

Writing an unbalanced informal essay

Students fall for the trap to create a huge introduction and conclusion, forgetting that the body is the most important. Use thirty-three percent of your essay on the two parts. The central part of the essay should take the rest.

Another type of unbiased essay has significantly longer paragraphs. Your sections should have a slight difference.  Use a maximum of four to five sentences in your areas.

Including irrelevant information in your informal essay

 Your assignment should only contain information that leads to a conclusion. Students are snared in this area. They gather all information they know about the topic and include it in their essay. A thousand words’ essay ends up being three thousand, with only a quarter of them being relevant.

Remain focused in your informal writing. Ensure you understand your essay’s title before commencing to write. Jot down important points to include in your report. It will help you to be relevant. Start with the essential points. Your lecturer may not have time to go through the whole paper due to a huge load.

Unformatted informal writing

Students fail to format their paper because it’s an informal essay. The lecturer should see the difference between your work and senior high school work. It’s hard to read the unformatted paper. Issues like font, page numbers, and subtitles are essential in an essay. Omitting them may mean send a wrong impression to the lecturer.

The most forgotten part of formatting is the title page. Students assume that since it’s an informal essay, it’s unnecessary to have a title page. They include their name and registration number and conclude that that’s a title page.

A title page has more than what most students know. It contains all information that may help someone to track you to your unit. Your name, lecturer’s name, registration number, course title, and course code have your name. The detailed information depends on the formatting style used.

Use any formatting style if your lecturer has not specified rather than leaving your paper unformatted.  APA is the easiest method to use. You only need to include your name, course, instructor, and date. It’s even simpler when referencing your work since it follows author-date style.

Using mixed referencing style

Ensure you follow one referencing style if you decide to reference your work. Students take informal essays casually. They don’t mind mixing APA, MLA, and Harvard referencing methods in one paper. You may not notice it as a student, but your lecturer will be quick to point it out. Referencing style differs on in-text-citation and order of name.

Your reference list should also be precise. Notice the arrangement in every style. Some common rule in listing your bibliography is to arrange it alphabetically and have a hanging paragraph. Other requirements such as date and names depend on the particular method you are using.

Tips on starting your informal essay

Knowing how to start your essay may be challenging both when you have many options and when you don’t have any. Let’s look at some points on how to write an excellent informal essay. It’s not challenging if you already know what a formal essay is.

Research your topic

The first step is to ensure you have thoroughly researched your topic. Use the internet to learn and understand your title. It will help you to have a smooth flow of ideas.

Start your informal essay assignment early

Working on your assignment on time reduces pressure and allows you to write objectively. Allocate time for each activity to ensure that you execute the task to perfection. The best idea is to work on your assignment as soon as you get it since you still remember your lecturer’s vital information. Finishing your task on time enables you to review it and correct mistakes. It’s hard to accomplish all these when you only have a few hours to the due date. Contact informal essay writers to help you work on your assignment within hours.

Follow instructions to the latter

Cross-check your work and ensure you followed all the instructions. Assuming that you know what your lecturer means in an unclear phrase will only lead to failure. Ask for clarification for any point you are not sure of its meaning. Lastly, reread your informal essay after completion to ascertain that you have followed all the paper requirements.

It’s fun to write an informal essay, especially when it’s an exciting topic. Follow these tips to help you enjoy writing your assignment. The problem comes in when you don’t have time to complete an urgent task. Thanks to the internet, you can get help to complete your assignment in a short time. Seek professional help for your informal essay. What you need to do is to click here and continue to order.

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