Human Right

This assignment will require some knowledge of music elements. The instructions are as follow:

1. Listen to the pieces in the Listening Essay YouTube playlist. (

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Human Right
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2. Choose one of the pieces to focus on in this essay.

3. Using the 5-Paragraph Essay as your template, write an essay in which you discuss the interaction of music and lyrics in your selected piece. How does one impact the other? What musical choices does the composer use to express the text more meaningfully? Use terminology from this course, and be specific: note timings, names of instruments, musical techniques, and forms.

4. Include a bibliography with, at a minimum, citations for the recording you chose to write about, along with any other sources.

5. Write your essay in MS Word or another word processor, and upload it as a PDF or MS Word file.For more information on Human Right read :

Human Right

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