Implementation Strategy Template

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Implementation Strategy Template
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With good ratings nationwide, the hospital I work for delivers diverse healthcare services in mental health, sspecializing in trauma disorders, eating disorders, substance abuse disorders/addiction, intellectual disability disorders, special education programs/schools, community support clinic’s, rehabilitation and transitional homes as well as a residential program adapting the self-pay method that offers mental health services for the high end patient population.


Advanced safety programs which include incident reporting. “Reporting of incidents helps the hospital identify potential and actual safety issues, examine contributing factors of events, and develop interventions to mitigate risk, reduce harm, and improve safety throughout the organization.”


One of the largest employers of Mental health staff/employees in the country which includes, Mental health counsellors and technicians, Registered Nurses, Advanced practice nurses for both medical and Psychiatry, Psychiatrists MD, Licensed Therapists, Safety/milieu officers.


Emulates patient focused care with individualized therapies and team approach therapies which help identify patient needs on an individual basis improving quality of care.





Consistent high patient acuity compared to staffing ratios, high risk for errors including medication and documentation errors, specific to seclusion and restraints protocol.


Does not offer enough per diem positions to fill in gaps for patient safety. An ongoing challenge due to nursing supervisors and manager’s burnouts from stress to cover call outs resulting in inadequate leadership skills.


High turnover of staff, consistent loss of good employees due to some politically driven organizational agendas. Non-existence of staff commendation, minimal organizational incentives to retain good employees or no bonuses offered for incoming staff.


Does not make profits, not for profit organization, depends highly on donors and Medicare funded programs, which results in poor compensation for employees.



1. Registered nursing courses are greatly encouraged for mental health technicians who want to pursue nursing as a career and promoted with tuition reimbursement with courses offered to and paid for 100%. Other incentives underway but have slowly stalled due to the pandemic.


2. Ability to explore other specialty fields between units and within other affiliated institutions which are located in different counties within the state.


3. RN training, Residency, Mentoring, Advanced Practice Nurses and other training programs for new graduates to enhance delivery of care.


4. Offering Telehealth and Telemedicine services to serve the community at large. Pulse initiative that offers latest news, information and resources both in house and in outpatient settings.





Demographics pertaining to patient population record an average percentage who are functionally homeless mostly emergency petitioned cases. The organization has no choice of denying anybody care, therefore ending up with uncompensated expenses.


Large number of patients who are jobless or with no medical insurance.


Old computer operating systems and devices that need upgrade.


Organization does not hold job fairs as other hospitals do leading to scarcity of health care professionals.


Policy changes and withdrawal of benefit compensation packages made by upper management levels that have negatively impacted staffing, threatening delivery of quality level of care.For more information on Implementation Strategy Template read :

Implementation Strategy Template

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