Influence on Organization Performance

Robots and AIs when combined, they have major contributions in promoting organizations’
competitiveness. These technologies will have a major impact on the future of organizational
performance and productivities. Robots and AI can be implemented separately or as a one product and
in both cases their influence on organization performance will be evident. In other words, these
technologies can be implemented as a one combined solution or they can be implemented separately.
The essay (report) should be no less than 2500 words and should be aligned to the guidelines referenced below. In addition to that students need to prepare a presentation summarizes their work in a PowerPoint presentation.

Students are requested to provide examples about these technologies and discuss their benefits, disadvantages and its impact on organization performance. Students are requested to follow the guidelines below.
1. Introduction
2. Literature review (10 references)
3. Opportunities of adopting these technologies
4. The possible negative impact of these technologies on health, privacy and security *
5. The Application of these technologies in organizations (provide real case implementations) *
6. The Future of these technologies
7. Summary and Conclusion.

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Influence on Organization Performance
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Influence on Organization Performance

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