Information Literacy Lecture

Review of Experimental Research – In conjunction with the Information Literacy lecture, you will find a peer-reviewed journal article on negative body talk (aka ‘fat talk’) and ethnicity. You will write a 2 to 3-page paper explaining the methodology that was used in the article. THIS IS NOT A PAPER ABOUT FAT TALK. THIS IS A PAPER DEMONSTRATING THAT YOU UNDERSTAND EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH as a way to engage the SCIENTIFIC METHOD.

You will introduce the scientific method and experimental research, noting that it is the only type of research method that allows scientists to make causal statements (i.e., this caused that). Make clear that the fat talk article will serve as an example of the elements of an experiment. At a minimum, you must briefly explain the following concepts (citing King) and providing examples from the fat talk article (citing the authors):

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Information Literacy Lecture
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hypothesis (the fat talk article has 3 hypotheses – pick ONE to discuss)
independent variable – IV
dependent variable – DV (for the hypothesis you chose)
operational definition of the IV and DV (the DV you picked – not all three)
experimental group
control group (and why it’s necessary)
random assignment (and why it’s necessary)
ethical considerations in research (this is the only element that does not require examples from the fat talk article).
publication in a peer-reviewed journal

Explain each of these concepts using your own words and citing King. And, explain how these concepts were implemented in the fat talk study, citing the fat talk authors. Do not use any direct quotes. Include correct APA citations of the article and the book (King) in text and on a references page (use the APA template provided) -I suggest that in your own words you define each of the concepts that are required in the paper. Then, note how each of the concepts was implemented in the fat talk paper. Finally, use those two lists to construct your paper. Try organizing your thoughts with an outline like this –

Introduce scientific method and experimental research as the only way to engage the scientific method in order to make a causal statement, cite King.
State that the Katrevich et al. (2014) research on fat talk will be used to illustrate the elements of experimental research
Explain what a hypothesis is, in your own words, cite King, give the example from Katrevich et al. (2014)
IV and DV are identified in the hypothesis. Explain the concepts, cite King, clarify the IV and DV in Katrevich
Explain operational definition, cite King. Give the example of how the IV and DV (for whatever hypothesis you’re using in your example) in Katrevich were operationalized
Explain experimental and control groups and why both are needed
Explain random assignment, cite King
Explain APA (spell it out the first time) code of ethics, why it is necessary, comment on the terrible history,include/explainthe four main requirements, in your own words, cite King
Conclude by explaining peer-reviewed journal (cite King) and state where Katrevich was published
Follow all of the directions – no personal pronouns, proper formatting, complete citation, etc.For more information on Information Literacy Lecture read :

Information Literacy Lecture

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