Intelligence Involved in Blue-collar Work

This essay requires you to respond to a reading from our required textbook, The Norton Reader,


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Intelligence Involved in Blue-collar Work
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English 101 Essay #1

Write an essay of at least 750 words typed in standard format (Times New Roman 12 point font, double-spaced, with one inch margins).


In “Blue-Collar Brilliance,” Mike Rose writes about the intelligence involved in blue-collar work. Explain his argument and apply his insights to a particular blue (or pink) collar job as you analyze how that job requires more intelligence than is commonly recognized.
please? contact with me to give you the link of the article to read.


Tips for students:

– You won’t be able to write successfully unless you have a strong understanding of the assigned reading. Re-read it with this essay prompt in mind as part of your pre-writing process. Analyze the text to support your points. Include quotes and be sure to explain the quotes’ meaning and significance.

– Don’t try to cover everything in your essay. Express one overall main point in a clear thesis statement, and spend the rest of the essay supporting your thesis. Likewise, you should use topic sentences to clearly state the main point of each body paragraph.

– Don’t just write about blue-collar jobs in general. Pick one in particular, such as a roofer or a fast food worker, to focus on. Get specific and include details to support your points. Don’t pick a waitress since Rose already covers that one in depth; you want your essay to showcase original thinking and not merely repeat what the author wrote.

– Research is not required or expected for this assignment. If you do have any sources except for Rose, be sure to cite them to avoid plagiarism. It must be clear and obvious what material in your essay comes from research sources and what the authors and titles of those sources are.For more information on Intelligence Involved in Blue-collar Work read :

Intelligence Involved in Blue-collar Work

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