Intergenerational Processes



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Intergenerational Processes
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This is a case scenario based on the character Rosa, a 40-year-old, Native American woman living in Mesa, Arizona. This scenario depicts intergenerational processes in a Native American family within an urban Arizona setting.

Note: You will have to creatively insert yourself into the story as the character’s social worker.

Part I: Engagement

1. Describe the steps you would take to prepare to engage the various systems of the client’s life. Which social work roles might you use to help this client?

2. Define and give examples in your own words on how you might employ the core relational conditions of empathy, warmth, authenticity and unconditional positive regard as described by Dr. Carl Rogers and key interviewing skills to engage this client.

3. How would you begin to engage in personal reflection and self-correction in working with this client?

4. Discuss possible value dilemmas that might arise in your work with this client? How might you utilize the standards of the social work code of ethics in working with this case?


Part II: Assessment

1. Utilize relevant theoretical and developmental frameworks to assess the client’s developmental history, emotional, cognitive, social, and behavioral functioning to include the client’s strengths and limitations. What environmental factors impinge on the client’s functioning?

2. Discuss notions of privilege and power as they apply to this case – both in terms of the ways that the client and client system has been marginalized and the ways in which you work to reduce the power differential between the client and yourself. Discuss the ways in which the client has been affected by social injustice. What policy action(s) might you support to enhance social justice for this client system?

3. Develop a treatment plan of three or four goals and related tasks, based on the theory-based client assessment above.


Part III: Intervention

1. Discuss specific steps that you will take to achieve client treatment goals as detailed above (Part II, Question 3) to help client enhance her/his capacities and resolve problems. Discuss how you might negotiate, mediate, and advocate for this client.

2. Discuss specific steps that you will take to facilitate a positive transition or ending of your work with this client.


Part IV: Evaluation

1. Discuss specific steps you might take to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your work with the client.

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Intergenerational Processes

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