Italian Culture

or the past few weeks, you’ve been thinking about your cultural paper. Those of you who did not submit a subject for approval, please do so immediately (sei un po’ in ritardo).

This is an exciting opportunity to learn more about Italian culture outside of the classroom. Your assignment is to visit, experience, or research a subject pertaining to any aspect of Italian culture: a museum, a film,a work of literature, an art or other cultural exhibit, an Italian community center, an Italian church, etc.

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Italian Culture
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Cultural papers should comprise no less than two well-written, double-spaced pages (min. 500 words) that encompass what you learned of your subject, why what you researched or visited is an important part of Italian culture, and how this experience develops your view of Italian culture. The paper is to be written in English.

This is 10 percent of your course grade–dedicate some time to it. Mi raccommando!

Italian Culture

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