Juvenile Delinquency

In this paper the student should advance their own theory for juvenile delinquency and give the outline of a program that would address youthful crime based on this theory.
Each paper should be 5-6 pages in length and should have at least three citations that DO NOT include the textbook, Wikipedia or any other encyclopedia or dictionary source.

This paragraph above is what my teacher had told us to do. From my understanding we are supposed to come up with our own juvenile delinquency theory and create a program to go with that theory that could help with youthful crime. Some examples of real theories from our book are listed here below

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Juvenile Delinquency
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Hewitt, John D. and Regoli, Robert M., Juvenile Delinquency in Society, 10th Ed., , Mc Graw Hill: New York.

However please DO NOT use any of the theories from the book or citations from the book. The book os just there for you to refer to our class. We are supposed to make up our own theory.For more information on Juvenile Delinquency read :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juvenile_delinquency

Juvenile Delinquency

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