Key Elements of Post-Impressionist Art

for the policy, you are not permitted to reference or cite anything other than your textbook and the lectures. That’s it.

Please rewrite and resubmit your Module 2 essay tonight using only the lectures and textbook.

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Key Elements of Post-Impressionist Art
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Please select from one of the following 2 options to write a short essay. Essays must meet a minimum of 250-350 words. You are welcome to go over the word count if needed, but should not be under the minimum word count. Make sure to read the Essay Etiquette guide prior to writing this assignment for the “do’s” and “don’ts” of essay writing in this course.

If you are paraphrasing from the textbook, make sure to use a citation at the end of the sentence, ex. (Kleiner, p. – ). Paraphrasing is fine, but do not quote directly from the textbook.

These essays are analytical and critical responses. You should not say “I” or give opinions.


Option #1:

What are the key elements of Post-Impressionist art? How did this work inspire later artists? Analyze at least two specific examples to demonstrate your point (One example must come from the post-impressionist section of the lecture, one from the time period of c. 1900-1945.)




Option #2

Select one of the important trends in contemporary art (realism, stress on representing the human body, ethnic and national identity, the inclusion of people not represented in the art of the past, hybrid of styles from recent decades, and aggressive use of new technologies) and analyze at least 2 examples that show that trend.For more information on Key Elements of Post-Impressionist Art read :

Key Elements of Post-Impressionist Art

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