Leadership Traits from Martin Luther King

DG Group Case Study (to be assigned by groups)
Martin Luther King
Discussion Questions (to be assigned by group)
Due online (PPT) March 1, present March 2
How was Oprah able to overcome the extreme adversity of her growing up years in order to become so successful? What is motivating Oprah?
In what ways did Oprah use her crucible experience in developing as a talk show host? What influences and experiences shaped King’s development as a leader?
Why did he agree to take on the challenge of leading the MIA?
How effective is he in dealing with the difficulties of leading the Montgomery boycott?
What can you learn from the crucibles experienced by recent MBA graduates that will help you in your development?

Only one questions needs to be answered.

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Leadership Traits from Martin Luther King
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For more information on Leadership Traits from Martin Luther King read this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Luther_King_Jr.

Leadership Traits from Martin Luther King

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