Learning Strategies for Success

Academic Paper in APA Format
You and Claudia are nearing the end of your journey in this course, and it is time to put those newly acquired skills to work. For this paper, you will be required to create an academic paper in APA format, demonstrating reflective thinking. Click here to access the essay template for this assignment.
The elements below should be included in the essay.
* Include an APA-formatted title page (refer to the essay template).
* Include an introduction. The introduction to your paper should be one paragraph that states the overarching concept for your paper. The introduction is the first paragraph of the paper in which you will introduce readers to the three main topics in your paper: career goals, learning strategies for success, and time management. (This section should be a minimum of 50 words.)
* Describe your career goals. What were your career goals when you first began this course? How have they changed? What future courses will you take that will help you reach your goals? What role will mentors play in your quest? (This section should be a minimum of 150 words.)
* Make sure that you list the courses from your Degree Advisement Plan (DAP) and how they will assist your future career goals.
* Identify your learning style. What is your learning style? How can awareness in this area impact your behaviors as a student? What can you do to improve? How can your family help support your study habits? (This section should be a minimum of 150 words.)
* Include a paraphrased statement from your course textbook and/or a peer-reviewed article from the CSU Online Library to support your learning style and study methods. Make certain to include in-text citations.
* Remember to place the reference (for the textbook and/or the peer-reviewed research article) in APA style on the references page.
* Identify your time management techniques. When you first began this course, how well did you manage your time? What consumes most of your time on a daily basis now? Can adjustments be made in this area? What new strategies will you begin to incorporate in your educational experiences as well as your work and home environments to best balance all of your obligations? (This section should be a minimum of 150 words.)
* Provide a conclusion. The last paragraph should summarize the body of your paper. It should reflect back to the introduction and briefly state how you will approach career goals, time management, and study methods. (This section should be at least 50 words.)
* Include a references page.
* On a separate page, list the reference(s) for your paper. You must use a minimum of one reference, which can be your textbook.
* The heading “References” (or “Reference” if only one source is used) should be centered at the top of the page.
* The references should be formatted according to the type of source. In other words, a book is formatted in a certain way, and an article is formatted in another way.
* List the references in alphabetical order according to the first author’s last name. Apply double-spacing.
* Each reference should be formatted with a hanging indentation.
Your paper must be a minimum of two pages in length. Make certain to double space, use 12-point Times New Roman font, and use one-inch margins for your paper.

My career goals is to become a Safety Professional in the construction field.
Learning Strategies are to Study hard & find time to make good grades practice
Juggling time between two jobs a family and sleep is difficult but manageable
Lyft & Demolition ( 4:30 am – 4:30 pm demolition ) Random times for Lyft after 5:30pm – 11:30 Pm

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Learning Strategies for Success
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My career goals in the beginning were to complete and achieve my bachelors degree to make my goals in the future more reachable
They have changed by wanted to complete school sooner and get things going faster to success
Im not sure but ill let my advisor make those choices to help me reach more
My mentors are my teachers and hopefully they can help me succeed more in life by helping me in school

* Make sure that you list the courses from your Degree Advisement Plan (DAP) and how they will assist your future career goals.

This is my DAP
Humanity and fine arts
Critical thinking
Social and behavior science general psychology
Personal computer fundamentals
Introduction to workplace safety
Program electors
Introductions to regulatory compliance
American history one
introduction to contractor safety
Art appreciation one
Nationalism in the workplace
college algebra
Hazard material safety
English composition two
Principles a fire and emergency services safety and survival
General chemistry one
Fundamentals of occupational safety and health
Non-major biology
OSHA standards
Principles of management legal aspects of safety and health
Construction safety
Fire prevention and code enforcement
Interaction of hazard materials
Industrial hygiene
Environmental technology
Total environmental health and safety management
Industrial economics
Advanced concepts in the environmental safety management.For more information on Learning Strategies for Success read :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Language_learning_strategies

Learning Strategies for Success

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