Legalization Of Marijuana

Pretend that you work as a policy analyst for the governor’s office. In your position, you advise the governor on future legislation positions. There is a bill in the state legislature that would legalize medical and recreational marijuana. She has asked you to prepare a 700-1000 word persuasive memo that argues either for or against the potential legalization of marijuana in your state. Your memo must take a position either for or against legalization, and you should use evidence and an articulable rationale to back up your position.

Consider what you have read in Chapters 10, 11, and 12 of our textbook, as well as the NBC News video titled “Legalized: A year in the life of Colorado’s legal weed experiment.” You may also want to look at outside sources. You should use APA citations to properly cite any work you use, including your textbook. Link to video For more information on Legalization Of Marijuana read this:

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Legalization Of Marijuana
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