Literary Analysis Essay

SSH 102 Final Essay Spring II 2020 (Murphy)

Your essays are required to be at least 750 words long and in paragraph form with topic sentences. Use specific details and form complete sentences.

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Literary Analysis Essay
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If you use a quote from Foner or Zinn, it must be cited (MLA or APA). If you use a source other than Foner or Zinn, it must be cited as well. Please keep all quotations and citations very brief, and paraphrase whenever possible. This essay should be either entirely, or almost entirely, in your own words.

Since you are writing this outside of a classroom where time is limited, your answers are expected to be more comprehensive, thoughtful, and detailed than in an in-class essay. Some of the questions may require some information that we have not yet covered in the class but is available through further research into the textbook or other sources.

Choose one of the questions below to construct your essay around. Grading of your exam will be based upon organization, clarity, completeness, thinking, writing, and content

Warning: Any detected plagiarism, cut and paste from another source, duplicate efforts, or similar attempts at cheating will result in a grade of 0 for the final exam. Your final essay will be worth 50 points. Completed exams are due Monday, August 1 by midnight.





As the national holiday of Martin Luther King Jr. Day suggests, Americans have by and large embraced the Civil Rights Movement as a source of pride in their national history. But did the Civil Rights Movement “win”? Assess the changes, obstacles, legacy, and challenges to civil rights in the United States between 1954 and the present.




Fully discuss and examine the limitations placed on freedom after September 11, 2001. Then compare the surrounding circumstances with those during the McCarthy Era (Cold War), World War II, and World War I. What is the balance between security and freedom during war? In what ways does the Constitution protect peoples’ rights during wartime, and in what ways does it not? Should dissent be equated with a lack of patriotism? Why or why not?For more information on Literary Analysis Essay read :

Literary Analysis Essay

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