Literature Essay

1) On the basis of two NEW Emily Dickinson poems, “The Bee” and “A Bird Came Down the Walk,” does Dickinson feel at home or out of place in nature? (80 Points) Discuss these poems in the body of your essay response and make sure to take a strong position on the key question. The two poems can be found at the following links:; https://www.poetryfoundat

2) Is The Metamorphosis mostly tragic or mostly comic? (80 Points)

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Literature Essay
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3) Despite Achebe’s depictions of Okonkwo’s flaws, are there any characters in Things Fall Apart whose characteristics or values DO deserve to be admired? Select one or two characters maximum (CANNOT be more than two), or argue that the novel does not feature any truly admirable characters. Please note that you are NOT allowed to select Okonkwo for this question. (90 Points)For more information on Literature Essay read :

Literature Essay

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