Macbeth Trace Essay

Choose an image – for example, birds, knives, or eyes – and trace that image throughout Macbeth. I don’t want a simple catalog of examples. I want to see you make connections between those examples – that’s the difference between summarizing and analyzing. Write a literary analysis explaining your image, its significance, and its role in the play – think about how Shakespeare used your image to create certain effects or develop elements such as character, plot, etc.

Possible symbols to choose from:
Sleep, Blood, Birds, Daggers, Light vs. Dark, Ghosts, Eyes
Topics for themes (remember a theme is NEVER a single word):
Betrayal and Treachery
Consequences and Guilt
Trust vs. Distrust or Loyalty vs. Disloyalty
Meaning of life.

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Macbeth Trace Essay
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Macbeth Trace Essay


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