Marketing Communications Plan

For this deliverable, you will provide comprehensive final recommendations to the marketing communications plan based on your analysis, insights and key learnings from the communications audit from the first part of the project. Do not provide HR focused solutions such as hiring a new employee to solve problems. Important Note: Short-term recommendations require less than one year to implement. Long-term recommendations require more than one year to implement.

This is an individual assignment. You will be required to research the organization in depth (You must have a minimum of 15 good quality sources of research/information. The company website (includes multiple pages on the website, social media sites) counts as one source.

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Marketing Communications Plan
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Audi Audit Project Part 1 = The first part of the project that has been done. Please create the goals based on this pdf.
MRKT 3211 Group Project Marking Template Phase 2 = Marking criteria for this assignment.For more information on Marketing Communications Plan check this:

Marketing Communications Plan

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