Marriage and Family

Here is the main source you need for this assignment:

The Nature of Kinship: Glossary of Terms (

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Marriage and Family
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“mother’s love”, I putted in the upload section







And here is the Instructions of the assignment:


Part One:

Using the terms and concepts (e.g., household, kinship, extended family, etc.) you’ve learned in the “Marriage and Family” chapter, please describe the American marriage and family system. For part one, focus on the “ideal,” rather than either the “real,” or the exceptions to the norm.

Part Two:

Find an example that you deem a culturally acceptable variant to this ideal form. In other words, an example that still follows, in some way(s), the traditional American model of marriage and family, but simultaneously diverges from the norm or destabilizes it. What factors change in this relatively novel arrangement? For example, does this family/couple form a nuclear or extended family household? Now, please speculate (your thoughts) on the potential reverberations this change could yield in the larger socio-cultural context. Also, please consider how this particular instance of marriage/family does or does not solve one of the modern dilemmas modern couples and families face.

A good example of what I am asking here is in this article
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on two married couples who together purchase and share one home. Please read it, then find your own example. You’re welcome to provide links to the example you use.For more information on Marriage and Family read :

Marriage and Familya

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