Memo to Myself Assignment

I have attached all the work that I have done for this assignment… the actual assignment is in pdf form… if you have any question please let me know


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Memo to Myself Assignment
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After you have completed taking all four inventories, write a two page single-spaced “Memo to Myself.” The Memo is simply a device for you to critically reflect and ponder what you have learned about yourself as an adult learner. This should constitute the first page of the Memo. Page two will address how you plan to apply what you have learned about yourself to your present and future studies in your chosen field of study. Given the significant point value attached to the Memo and its value within the course, I will grade them rigorously and expect them to be written thoughtfully and with due consideration.

Some helpful starter phrases that might prompt your reflection and writing are:
“As I think back across all of the learning inventories, I now see that . . .”
“Several of the inventory results surprised me because . . .”
“A couple of the inventories confirmed what I already knew but still I need to . . .”

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Memo to Myself Assignment

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