Method of Psychotherapy

Discuss two theories in a compare/contrast essay. Your response will be a minimum of 500 words in an APA format with examples to support your position.

Psychoanalytic therapy Founder: Sigmund Freud. A theory of personality development, a philosophy of human nature, and a method of psychotherapy that focuses on unconscious factors that motivate behavior. Attention is given to the events of the first six years of life as determinants of the later development of personality.

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Method of Psychotherapy
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Adlerian therapy Founder: Alfred Adler. Key Figure: Following Adler, Rudolf Dreikurs is credited with popularizing this approach in the United States. This is a growth model that stresses assuming responsibility, creating one’s own destiny, and finding meaning and goals to create a purposeful life. Key concepts are used in most other current therapies.For more information on Method of Psychotherapy check this:

Method of Psychotherapy

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