Native American Newspaper Contemporary Issues

For this essay you need to find a Native American newspaper and examine it for the issues current for that native community. For the essay, you will have three tasks:

1. Find a current issue reported in a Native American newspaper (see list of newspapers below). Be certain to provide a clear explanation of the issue.

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Native American Newspaper Contemporary Issues
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2. Provide a brief history of the native people for which the newspaper is intended.

3. Be certain that you consider how your topic is covered or viewed in mainstream America. This maybe how it is reported in a newspaper (Such as the New York Times, USA Today, or the local paper of a city near the reservation concerning your chosen topic) or other media outlet. Where possible, see if you can identify any differences in perspectives on the story. With regard to “perspective”, remember the Native American paper will be written for a Native American audience whereas the mainstream view reflects America more broadly.

***Be certain to provide the internet address for the newspapers you use***

No title page
Use citation style you are most familiar with (cite with page numbers and author’s name).
If you include a quote, be certain to indicate so with quotation marks and pg. number.

Some Native American papers to consider:
Navajo Times, Hocak Worak, Cherokee Phoenix, Circle News, Indian Country Today, Eastern Door, Indian Times, or find one on your own!For more information on Native American Newspaper Contemporary Issues check this:

Native American Newspaper Contemporary Issues

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