Nature vs. Nurture Journal Entry

Journal Entry InstructionsRead your textbook required readings for the week, as well as this article from the University of Virginia: “IQ of Children in Better-Educated Households Is Higher, Study Indicates”(Links to an external site.)Answer the following questions in your journal:In your personal experience, how much is intelligence influenced by nature? Include examples of your own intelligence, and your experience with children in your life to support your ideas.Which of Gardner’s and Sternberg’s intelligences do you think you exhibit most? Why?Weigh in on the nature vs. nurture debate using your textbook reading and the above article. Do you believe that intelligence is inherited or learned? Give reasons and use evidence from the textbook and other sources to support your position.Submit your journal entry to your instructor for a grade.*Be sure to use a paragraph to answer each question above. Your paper must be at least 400 words not including headers, footers, and pasted prompts.for more information on Nature vs. Nurture Journal Entry check on this:

DNP Role Presentation

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Nature vs. Nurture Journal Entry
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