Nursing Management and Leadership

This last assignment will serve as your final paper and will also be used to upload to the ePortfolio (6-8 pages). You will need to incorporate the following previous week’s assignments into this final paper:

SWOT analysis
Literature Review
Quality Improvement Initiatives

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Nursing Management and Leadership
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The paper will need to include the following elements:

An abstract
A table of contents
Using your SWOT analysis write an introduction to the problem identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to initiating a change.
Provide an analysis and synthesis of the three selected evidence-based articles.
Select a change theory and describe how you would change this situation.
Include in your discussion the role that quality and safety initiatives (including informatics, technology, and interprofessional collaboration) would play in implementing this change.
Identify the strengths of your change and the barriers you may confront when attempting to create the change. Provide a discussion on how the strengths can be utilized to promote the change and how as a nurse leader the barriers can be overcome.
Support your ideas with current literature and evidence-based healthcare practice. At least three peer-reviewed references are required.
Paper is to be written in APA format. This last assignment completes your final paper. (6-8 pages).


Additional Assignment Instructions: Below is a list of the ten sections to include in your submission:

Abstract- The submission provides an APA-formatted abstract of 150-250 words.
Table Contents- Include a table of contents page that outlines the sections of the paper and includes accurate page numbers.
Introduction- The submission provides a thorough introduction of the healthcare issue and provides a full overview of the topics to be discussed in the paper.
SWOT Analysis- A detailed narrative discussion is provided that outlines all four components of the SWOT Analysis (strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats).
Literature Review- The three peer-reviewed articles are integrated and includes the synthesis from the previous unit’s work.
Implementation Plan and Method for Initiation Change- Provide a discussion on the types of evidence-based practices that apply to the identified healthcare issue in relationship to quality improvement and safety initiatives. The discussion includes the identification of a change theory that can be utilized to implement the proposed SWOT Analysis.
Strengths and Weakness (Barriers) in Promoting the Implementation Plan-Provide a discussion that identifies the strengths and weakness of the implementation plan. Provide a discussion on how the strengths can be utilized to promote the change and how as a nurse leader the barriers can be overcome.
The Role of Informatics, Technology, and Interprofessional Collaboration on Improving Quality- Provide a discussion on the ways in which informatics, technology, and interprofessional collaboration could improve in relationship to the identified healthcare issue.
Conclusion- Provide a discussion and conclusive comments regarding how the implementation plan will improve upon the identified healthcare issue.
APA- The paper is submitted in proper APA format and within the 6-8-page limit.For more information on  Nursing Management and Leadership check this:

 Nursing Management and Leadership


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