Nursing Profession

Over the semester, you will be developing a teaching project that will culminate in teaching your classmates a particular topic related to the nursing profession. The educational topic must incorporate at least Four out of six QSEN competencies:    (Links to an external site.)

Patient-Centered Care (Links to an external site.)
Teamwork and Collaboration (Links to an external site.)
Evidence-based Practice (EBP) (Links to an external site.)
Quality Improvement (QI) (Links to an external site.)
Safety (Links to an external site.)
Informatics (Links to an external site.)
1) Choose your teaching topic (i.e. cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.). The topic can come from any area of nursing (health policy, mental health, med-surg, pediatrics, etc.). Choose a topic that you would like to explore and teach to your classmates what you’ve learned.

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Nursing Profession
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2) Write a 2-3 page outline of your topic that is double-spaced, in 12-Font, that includes:

An introduction of the topic (4-5 sentences)
The body of the paper should include four QSEN competencies. Each QSEN competency should have its own header describing how you will include each competency into your teaching topic.
Conclusion-summary of teaching topic-A minimum of four to five (4-5) sentences
Include 3-4 references from peer-reviewed journals within the last 5 years. Paper should follow APA 7th edition.
The cover and reference pages are not included in the 2-3 pages.

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Nursing Profession

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