Nutrition Essay

So this papers a Nutrition Project.. here are the specs of the assignment this one is also for my health class and is also due tonight before midnight..


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Nutrition Essay
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1. The writing part should be 1-2 pages in 12 font double spaced.

2. Tell your story about nutrition and physical activity

3. Discuss potential diseases your possible risks for disease if your nutrition does not change. Cite your information with a valid reference. I recommend using your power points as a reference.

4. physical activity : how much and what type of exercise is recommended? Cite your reference. 5. How will you modify your current lifestyle based off what you logged on your nutrition logs?

6. Your nutrition logs should record two consecutive days of food/drink intake and what excercise you performed. You paper is based off your nutrition logs.

All factual statements have to be cited with a reliable source. I suggest that you use a source from the library rather than using google to find the info.

Include a 1-2 page summary. 2 days of nutritional logs and a works cited/reference page

I already have the Nutritional Logs of 2 days.. food.. I lowered the calories to 1,500 instead of the daily amount suggest in efforts to lose weight.. lol. I will upload and submit to you.For more information on Nutrition Essay read :

Nutrition Essay

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