Operations Relate to Entrepreneurship

In preparation of the 1st weekend, write a short personal statement on how operations relate to entrepreneurship. Make sure it is practical, by relating to a current or past practice. For example, you may use relate to well known examples of entrepreneurship which are based on innovative operations such as Henry Ford’s Assembly Line, or Mike Dell’s Dell Direct business model. Alternatively, you may more personally relate it to your own entrepreneurial opportunity? How can operations drive your entrepreneurial success? Or what is the biggest operational problem you have to overcome for successful start-up or scale-up? Lastly, you may devote your personal statement to the entrepreneurial opportunities in the operations realm that the 4th industrial revolution will bring. For instance, how can an operationg model based on 3D printing drive entrepreneurial success? Whatever you choose, make it concrete, address concrete operational challenges relevant for entrepreneurial success.Write between 250 and 400 words and submit online. Make sure to work individually and to be original. It is a preparation assignment, and an open assignment.For more information on Operations Relate to Entrepreneurship  check on this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operations_management

DNP Role Presentation

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Operations Relate to Entrepreneurship
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