Personal Philosophy of Healing and Psychotherapy

A 8-10 page paper, integrating all the readings in the course. Not just a summary but a synthesis of what you have learned and how it has affected you own personal philosophy of healing and psychotherapy. If possible utilize readings other than those required in class. This is meant to be an exercise in critical thinking about the course content and your own personal experiences. Creativity is encouraged. e.g. poetry, humor, unique presentations are acceptable as long as they reflect a thoughtful integration of course materials and other related readings.


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Personal Philosophy of Healing and Psychotherapy
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1. Kreutzer, C., “Transpersonal Psychotherapy: Reflections on the Genre.”, Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, , 1984, V. 15 #6, pp. 868-883.

2. Rosen, Sidney, My Voice Will Go with You, W.W. Norton, 500 5th Avenue, NY, NY, 10110, 1982. pp 25-45.

3. Horney, Karen, Neurosis And Human Growth, W.W. Norton, NY NY, 1951, Chapter One

4. The Basic Writings Of C. G. Jung, The Modern Library, Random House, Introduction plus pp. 33-70

5. Yalom, Irwin, Existential Psychotherapy, Chapter One

6. Healing through Spiritual Understanding-pamphlet-available from web site

7. Wilber, Ken, Engler, Jack and Brown, Daniel, Transformations In Consciousness, pp. 65-159

8. Washburn, Michael, The Ego and the Dynamic Ground, Albany N.Y., SUNY Press, 1988, pp1-40

9. Wapnick, Kennneth, The Fifty Miracle Principles of A course in Miracles, pp2-12.

10. Woolger, Roger, “On Past Life Therapy,” in Common Boundary, Vol 5, Issue 6, Nov.-Dec. 1987 For more information on Personal Philosophy of Healing and Psychotherapy Check :

Personal Philosophy of Healing and Psychotherapy

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