Physical Security

Physical SecurityAs long as there are structures that people operate within and house various assets, there will continue to be a need to offer needed protection related to them. All of the topics discussed in this course related to walls, fencing, sensors, alarm systems, guards, locks, and other such issues will be needed in some form or fashion. Whether through manual or technological means, these will remain a constant for the security administrator in providing appropriate defensive measures for the material, tangible assets they oversee. Concerning technology, the same trend will continue in serving as a needed aid in providing security moving forward. Mobile devices of various types, functions, capabilities, and their ability to access data, the ever-increasing use of robotics and the functions they can carry out, sensors that will be able to gain more intelligence regarding detection, and high frequency security cameras that will have the capability to verify the chemical compound of an object at a distance are just some of the many technical innovations on the horizon. Yet, just as technology has taken on a greater role in providing these efforts, so too does technology represent ever-increasing concerns to the security manager.For more information on Physical Security check on:

DNP Role Presentation

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Physical Security
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