Physician Assisted Suicide

In this proposal, your sentences should answer the following questions specific to each paragraph. Please remember that the proposal itself should NOT be written in question and answer format; however, you must state your research question as a question. (For example, My research question is: What led the print and TV news media to focus on crack babies in the 1980s and create a mass panic?)

This class’s theme is Media and Communication: Complications and Possibilities. However, you are not at all required to pursue a research project based on that theme. Here are your options as to how you can go about developing your research papers for this class.

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Physician Assisted Suicide
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1) I strongly encourage you to write on a topic that is related to your major or is a research topic of your interest; you may include some aspect of cultural studies in your discussion if it makes sense to do so. However, keep in mind that I am not a scientific or technical person. Please do not write a paper that is too technical for me to fairly and appropriately evaluate.

2) You may focus on a topic that is related to your major or personal interest and include one or two body paragraphs that use media and/or communication technology to support your thesis if it makes sense to do so.

3) If you are having trouble finding a topic that is related to your major or personal interest, you may focus entirely on media (ex’s: news, social networks, YouTube) with or without communication technology (ex’s Internet, sound-based or video-based communication) for your research project. If you decide to take this option, please speak to me about it ASAP before you turn in your research proposal.

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Physician Assisted Suicide

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