PICOT Question

PICOT question is: for the hospitalized patients, does hourly nursing rounding compared to no hourly rounding increase patient satisfaction?

Here are the instructions:

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PICOT Question
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You will turn in your paper as an assignment and your paper will be used to develop the PICOT presentation (audio power point).

Paper Criteria Overview:
Search for evidence that addresses the details of your PICOT question. You must find and share a minimum of four (4) nursing research, peer reviewed sources, within the past 7 years to support the criteria in your PICOT question. The research studies can be either qualitative or quantitative research studies that relate to your PICOT question. These four sources will make up a large portion of the body of the paper. You will need other scholarly sources to support the introduction and body of the paper, see detailed paper criteria for more information.
Your paper should be roughly 8-14 pages not counting your title or reference pages.
Your paper must be in APA format to include the format of the paper and the accuracy of source citations. See detailed paper criteria below and example APA papers in Module 8 assignment.

ATTENTION: An author note and abstract are NOT required for this paper.

The paper must be written professionally, free from grammar and spelling errors. Paper Rater must be utilized prior to submission.
Turn-It In Score must be less than 20%
Set up your paper using the PICOT Paper Rubric/Detailed paper criteria shared below.

Detailed Paper Criteria


Interesting/gets readers attention. Introduces the topic and provides an overview of the paper’s contents

Body of paper

History/Evolution of Topic as it relates to nursing (a source is required for this content)
Clinical Significance to nursing/why did you choose this topic
Clinical Question – provide in PICOT format
Evidenced Based Literature –Peer reviewed, scholarly Nursing Resources or Nursing Research sources
Present each source separately (4 sources required) and include the following 4 required elements: 1) Study is clearly identified 2) Study is described 3) Study findings are provided and 4) study conclusions are provided. Sources must be from past 7 years (2012-2019)
Synthesis – What did you learn from the combined content of the sources?
Make recommendations/suggestions for clinical impact (change) based on what you learned
Identify/discuss steps to create suggested changes (identified above as recommendations)


Provides a summary of key points of paper and includes a strong closing statement

APA format

APA format of paper
Title page with running head, pagination, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 font throughout paper, title at start of paper, reference page double spaced with hanging indents and sources in alphabetical order.
Appropriate use of level headings in the body of the paper (see p. 62 in APA manual)
8- 14 pages of content (excluding cover page & reference page)
APA format for sources
Correct use and formatting of in-text citations and correct formatting of reference list sources

Scholarly Presentation

Paper is free from grammar or spelling errors; capitalization and punctuation are accurate
Sentence structure and flow of the paper is easy to read and understand.For more information on  PICOT Question check this:

PICOT Question

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