Planning and Marketing

The purpose of this assignment is to explain the role of healthcare managers in making critical decisions for strategic planning and marketing.

Provide short paragraph answers to the questions below.

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Planning and Marketing
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1. Summarize the purpose of a SWOT analysis and the role of the healthcare manager in this strategic planning process (2 pts)

2. Perform a mini-SWOT analysis on the department or facility you are working in. Identify 2 each in the categories of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. (8 pts)

3. From your mini-SWOT analysis:
a) Formulate one strategy that can help the organization grow in new areas or expand in current areas (1 pt)

b) Develop a 3-step action plan for implementing this strategy (3 pts)

c) Propose how this plan will be monitored, and by whom, to ensure its execution (2 pts)

4. Describe how your strategic plan would be marketed, either internally or externally, to achieve the desired outcomes. (3 pts)

5. Why is it important for healthcare managers to understand key components of marketing? (3 pts)

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Planning and Marketing

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