Policy Analysis and Recommendation on the Ethics

Write a policy analysis and recommendation on the ethics of just one of the three following topics:

1) climate change, 2) universal health care, or 3) police accountability

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Policy Analysis and Recommendation on the Ethics
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As preparation to write, create an outline, that first enumerates for yourself all of the ethical principles you can think of that apply to the issue: for example, principles you could class under the headings of respect, justice, and beneficence; that then names all the objectives you think are warranted in the area, including all the factual benefits to be gained and harms to be avoided; and finally that identifies all the rights and obligations of individuals and groups that you believe apply. Be sure to be fair and to consider all sides of your issue. Use your imagination, brainstorm!

Next, choose one or more ethical theories that will direct your analysis: Kantian duty ethics, Utilitarian Consequentialism, Aristotelian Virtue Ethics, Thomis Natural Law, or Feminist Ethics of Care. You may rely on just one, or you may integrate elements of two or more.

To write your paper, formulate and state a governmental policy for addressing the problem you have chosen. State your theoretical commitments. Then, analysis how your ethical principles support your recommended policy, in view of the factual gains and losses at stake and the rights and obligations that are implicated. Try your best to be clear and succinct, as well as well organized. Let your passion for the right answer guide you as you seek concepts to explain your position. Do your best to import everything from your outline that matters into your final paper which is all that the instructor will see.For more information on Policy Analysis and Recommendation on the Ethics check this: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?search=Policy+Analysis+and+Recommendation+on+the+Ethics&title=Special%3ASearch&go=Go&ns0=1

Policy Analysis and Recommendation on the Ethics

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