How to write a political essay

How to write a political essay

A political essay is one of the papers you may be asked to write as part of your college assignment. Before you can start writing your paper you need to understand what a political essay entails. Here is a political writing definition
A political essay is an academic paper that is concerned with international relations and world history.

You need to be knowledgeable in these two areas for you to write an excellent political paper.

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What you already know about politics and history is not enough. You need to perform in-depth research to produce a high-quality paper.

Politics is not only about human action or interactions, but it involves rational planning, beliefs, motives, and principles. This makes it essential for you to research the causes and factors of your political essay topics to explain political processes.

Steps on how to write an essay on politics

Your instructor may ask you to write an essay about politics and answer a question on a particular political process or event. The first question you need to answer before you can start working on your paper is “what is a politics essay?”

A political essay is an academic paper that interprets specific political situations. It is about interpreting government issues or political theories.

political essay topics

When writing a political essay, you need to demonstrate your ability to present a compelling and logical argument within a specific framework. Here are the steps in writing a political pape

1. Analyze the subject in your political essays

Examine the different aspects of a process and analyze each detail, including the motives, results, and factors. When performing your analysis, make sure you collect information that is relevant to support your argument.

Without credible evidence like data and relevant examples, your point of view will be a personal opinion and not fact. Opinions are backed up by credible sources of evidence. Make sure you include them.

2. Political essay topics and research question

Research and specify your topic. In most cases, your instructor will provide you with political topics for essays. In some situations, you may need to research and find a topic for your political essay.

The topic of your paper is different from your title. A topic is general compared to a title that is more specific.

The title that you craft should be specific and less abstract. This will help you examine it easily. After you specify your topic and write your title, you will need to formulate your research question.

3. Perform preliminary research

Read some essays about political topics that you have chosen and formulate your thesis statement. You can start by reading general political material and history books like an encyclopedia and relevant textbooks.

Check the bibliographies of these books and find recent topics that you can research further. Researching recent materials helps to shed light on new issues in politics and current theories.

You can also perform online research by accessing online databases and performing a keyword search. For example, you can search the word “party system” or “essays on political parties.”

Results corresponding to your search query will appear, and you can choose a title that relates to your political essay topic. Choose content from authors that are well known and credible and narrow your search to the most relevant information.

4. Substantiate your work

During your research, formulate your own theory from essential ideas that you find. Read relevant materials from your credible sources and answer the following questions about your topic

What is the process you are analyzing?
What are the causes?
What changes have taken place over time?
What theories explain the process?
What opposes the theory and what asserts it?

5. Develop your thesis statement

A thesis statement is the central idea of your essay, which explains a process or an event. Make sure your thesis statement is concise and relevant to your political essay topics.

Your thesis will guide your writing in the entire paper. It is what guides your readers and informs them of what your political paper is about.

When developing your thesis statement, you might change it several times during the research process. The more information you get from your research, the more it will influence your thinking and you might change your thesis. Finally, you will come up with a thesis that is fit for your political paper.

6. Impartial analysis

Perform an impartial analysis of processes. This means that you need to be objective and refer to reliable material when presenting your arguments.

When writing your essay about political issues, use your critical thinking skills to present a solid viewpoint. Make sure the information is reliable and unbiased.

7. Include references and quotes
Provide references in your work so that your readers can find more helpful information if they need to search further. References and quotations add credibility to your political paper and they are evidence that you have performed thorough research work.

A rule of thumb when using quotations is to avoid over quoting. Your instructor may give you ten or fifteen titles that you can refer to.

You do not have to quote from all of the titles provided. In some instances, you can paraphrase words instead of quoting them.

Outline of a political paper

When writing your paper use a political essay outline. It will enable you to organize your thoughts. You will also have an idea of what you want to write and how you want to write it.

An outline is a plan that acts as a guide throughout your writing process. It consists of one opening paragraph that provides a political situation definition.

This is the general idea of what you will explore. The outline also has three body paragraphs that will expound on your ideas and a final conclusion paragraph.

The final paragraph wraps up your discussion. Here is what you need to include in your outline:

1. Introduction paragraph

Introduce your topic in the first paragraph and state your main points. The first sentence of your introduction paragraph should be catchy and should state your line of argument.

The sentences that follow should offer background information and support your first sentence. Your thesis statement should be the last part of your introduction paragraph.

Make sure that your readers know what your paper will be talking about from the onset. For example, if you write an essay on politicians, make it clear from the beginning of your paper.

2. Body paragraphs

The body paragraphs of your political essay should be three or four in number. Each section should present a sub-point clearly and discretely.

The points you present should follow a logical order so that your audience can follow your trail of thought. Do the following in the body section.

Present your argument

Take a stand and present your argument. Do not only give dates or names but give your point of view on the subject. Avoid political jargon and instead, use language that most people will understand.

Incorporate evidence

Include relevant facts, concepts, and examples when presenting your arguments. This will provide support for your viewpoint and make it credible.

When you support your opinion with credible and relevant evidence about a political situation or process, it becomes factual. Make sure you use your evidence and examples appropriately to explain your point.

Be creative

Make sure your political essay is well structured and written. Your writing style and skills will help in making your essay engaging to your readers. The right tone of voice will make your paper more effective.

Answer the main question

When writing your essay on politics, always make sure that you are providing an answer to the main question. The central message should always be in mind, and everything you write should be connected to it. The arguments you present in your paper should thoroughly address the main question.

3. Conclusion paragraph
The final paragraph of your essay on politics is where you sum up your arguments. This means you highlight your main points that will be a reminder to your readers.

Restate your thesis statement but do not repeat it word for word. You can creatively paraphrase your thesis. Finalize your paper with an overall concluding sentence that connects to your topic and brings your discussion full circle.

Tips on how to write a political essay

An essay on political processes aims to answer a specific question about events and predict future developments. When writing a political paper, you can also analyze past events and not necessarily present situations. Here are some tips that will help you write a persuasive political essay

1. Create a compelling argument

Substantiate your arguments with comprehensive evidence and insightful examples that will persuade your readers. In an essay about politics, there are no right or wrong answers.

You only need to persuade your readers about your point of view. Choose a position and defend it with relevant examples, data, and information.

2. Apply lessons learned in your course

When your instructor requires you to write a political essay, it may be a way to test your understanding of what you have learned. Review lectures, seminars, assignments, and class discussions relevant to your political essay paper and include them in your essay.

Applying relevant lessons learned in your essay will show that you understand your lectures. This can make you get higher grades.

3. Define terms

Political essay topics can have new perspectives or concepts that come with new terminologies. Make sure you thoroughly define the new terms that you have used in your essay so that readers can understand what you are talking about.

4. Cite your sources

When you present your argument, make sure you substantiate it with facts and properly cite them in the footnotes. This is to avoid plagiarism by mentioning the people whose work you have used in your paper.

It is a way of referring your readers to particular factual information in case they would want to read further. Relevant and informative facts help add credibility to your work and make it more interesting and solid.

5. Draw an outline and write several drafts

Writing a good essay on politics takes time. You cannot do it overnight. Start working on your essay as soon as it is assigned to you.

Make an outline and give it a deadline to ensure you have enough time for making revisions and finalizing your political essay before the due date. It takes a lot of revisions to craft an excellent political essay.

You cannot write your essay overnight. That is why you need to start early. Create as many drafts and revise your work as many times as possible until it is well polished.

6. Apply critical thinking and be analytical

When writing your political essay, you do not want to only collect data or facts related to politics. You need to present an informed argument. For example, if you are writing an essay on politicians, perform in-depth research on your subject.

This way, you can get enough information and use your creative thinking skills to make an independent analysis. Include obvious theories in your arguments and add a subtle or contradictory angle to your discussion. This will help in presenting your argument in a persuasive manner.

7. Keep your writing scholarly

Make sure you use appropriate language that will bring out your message effectively. Political essay topics are written using formal language.

Avoid using casual language like slang in your paper. Casual language can make your paper look sloppy.

You must use a scholarly tone that is fit for this type of academic paper. A formal language and style will give your readers an impression that your essay is informative, engaging, and does not compromise arguments.

8. Make comments on quotes

You will need to use quotes in your essay and provide references to build up your arguments. For example, when writing an essay on politicians, you may what to include a direct quote from a political figure to emphasize a point.

Make a commentary on the direct quote after including it. This way, your paper becomes an analysis of your research where you include your personal thoughts and not a compilation of researched information.

9. Be Concise

Your essay must not be too long or too short. The length should be according to the word count provided by your instructor.

Make it brief and to the point. Do not fill it with fluff or too many quotes. You can paraphrase some passages and add your voice to them.

This will help avoid plagiarism which is not acceptable in the academic field. After paraphrasing your quotes, you need to add a comment to them. This way, your paper will not look like a summary, but it will be a well-researched and presented political essay.

10. Thoroughly explore your text

When opposing an argument, make sure you are not biased. Explore your text and present facts as objectively as you can. Explore the strengths and weaknesses of your subject and discuss more interpretations.

11. Write for non-expert readers

When writing your political essays, use simple and easy-to-understand language. Write for non-expert readers as well.

A political situation definition can have new terminologies and jargon. Ensure your audience understands the language.

Limit the use of jargon and political terms that are complicated. The goal of your essay should be to educate your readers on political theories. This is possible when you write your essay in a way that the common mind can easily understand.

12. Accept objections

Everyone might not agree with your arguments. Expect objections from some of your readers. Embrace the objections and refute them accordingly.

Adopting this method in writing your political essay can enable you to easily spot weaknesses. This way, your paper becomes more penetrating.

Remove weak paragraphs and transitions that are irrelevant when editing your paper. Any information that does not fit properly in your essay should be eliminated, and what needs to be there should be included.

Counter-check your arguments and the evidence you have provided. Ensure they fit perfectly and make sense. Look at the examples you have used, dates, names, and statistics, and confirm they are accurate.

Read through your work before you submit it and ensure it sounds right. Take some time off to clear your mind and come back after a few hours or a day and read again.

This way, you can easily spot errors in your essay. Ask your classmate or friend to review your work and point out areas that need to be corrected.

A fresh pair of eyes can see errors that may not be obvious to you. When you are satisfied that your paper is well written and thoroughly edited, you can finally submit it. Presenting a political paper that has no grammar, spelling, or punctuation issues can earn you higher marks.

How to write political essays topics 

You will need to choose interesting political essay topics to address the many government issues that exist around the world. There are many angles that you can take when addressing political topics.

Choose an interesting viewpoint

You need to make your point of view stimulating so that it can stand out from the views of your classmates. This way, your instructor will be intrigued and may give you a higher grade. When your political paper is interesting, your instructor will remember it after he or she has finished reading it.

Research your political topic ideas

Perform thorough research and brainstorm your political essay topic ideas. Look at your options and come up with the best topic for your paper.

Make sure the topic you choose interests you, and you will enjoy researching and writing about it. This way, you can learn something new and share it with your audience. Here are some examples of political essay topics.

1. Essay about politicians and media

Politicians utilize media well, and they take it seriously. When it is time for elections, the media is full of political news. You can choose to write an essay that relates to the following topics in media

• Internet news about political elections
• How political parties grow using social media
• How effective is print media in politics?
• The best source of news in politics

2. General political topics

There are many general political essay topics that you can research and pick for your political paper. Here are some examples

• Our country’s political history
• The history of political parties
• The effects of restricting political funding
• The benefits of electing a woman president

3. Comparative political essay topics

When you choose to write an essay on comparative politics, you need to focus on an empirical approach. Examples of such essays are conflicts affecting domestic issues and international issues, domestic politics, and institutional analysis. The topics you can select in this category include

• Comparison of political parties
• The foreign policy of the united states vs. the United Kingdom
• Comparison of cultural pressure experienced between the U.S and Japan
• The Apartheid phenomenon

4. Political essay on public administration

This topic involves government structures, public administrators, and government agencies that perform various government functions. This means that your paper will focus on how they operate, including their advantages and shortcomings. Here are some topic examples

• Coordination efforts of the Government
• The achievements of the private sector in innovation in the U.S
• Methods of community development
• Careers in transport and security

5. Political conflict essays

This category of topics ranges from economic issues, election interests, and natural resources, among many other issues. When writing about an essay on political conflict, select the ones that deal with social issues.

For example, look at countries that are facing conflicts or that faced particular conflicts in the past. Write about the causes and effects at every stage of these conflicts. Here are some topic examples that fall in this category

• Causes of civil war
• Positive and negative effects of social media on politics
• Afghanistan conflict
• Causes of rebellion in central Africa

Key takeaway

Writing a political essay requires you to be analytical in presenting your arguments. Ensure you provide supporting evidence in the form of relevant statistics, dates, and names to back up your claim.

A solid political paper answers a given political question that deals with processes or events that are present or past. It involves in-depth research from relevant sources and citations of these sources.

When writing your paper, you need to make sure you choose an interesting topic and organize your work logically. This way, your audience will follow your line of reasoning from start to finish. To learn more on how to write a political paper, contact us.

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