Politics of Immigration

1. The Politics of Immigration: In recent years, immigration has become a widely debated subject for a variety of reasons (political, economic, and cultural). In a thesis-directed essay examine the issue of immigration in the modern age. In composing your answer, please consider the following:

a) What are the main “push” and “pull” factors driving immigration to the United States? How does The Devil’s Highway explain the massive migration northwards?

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Politics of Immigration
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b) What are the consequences of the attempts to police national borders in Urrea’s text? What has happened to the humanity of the migrants themselves in the current political environment?


-*Use text The Devil’s Highway by Luis Alberto Urrea and film Who is Dayani Cristal-Stories of Crossing the Border directed by Marc Silver as supporting texts for arguments (evidence). do not use any quotes or outside sources– allude to the concepts and messages of the authors and the events that they present in their texts to communicate certain ideas**

-* around 1000 words.For more information on Politics of Immigration check this:

essay examine the issue of immigration

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