Power Relations in the United States


Recently, we learned several theories that explain power relations in the United States (pluralism, state autonomy, elite theory, Marxism, and class-domination). One could make an argument that any of these power theories are best suited for explaining how power is distributed in the United States. This brings us to your research question: which power theory best describes how power is actually distributed in the United States?

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Power Relations in the United States
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Paper requirements:

Your introduction must include a thesis. Bold it. Remember, a thesis should be an argument that you return to throughout your paper. Your goal as a researcher is to lend as much credibility to your thesis as possible.

You must discuss all of the power theories in your paper. Use separate paragraphs for each power theory (you may use more than one paragraph on each power theory).

You must include a discussion of political participation, political institutions, and public policy in the United States (these are the main themes for Unit 2, 3, and 4). I recommend intertwining these discussions with each power theory.

You must cite outside sources in your paper. I expect a minimum of one peer-reviewed journal source per power theory. You may also use other sources to strengthen your paper, but the quality of your sources will impact your grade (e.g., don’t use Wikipedia or poor quality sources).

You must have a single-spaced works cited page. Use APA format for your citations. You must use both in-text parenthetical citations as well as a full citation in the works cited page.

Paper format:
You must use 12pt Times New Roman font all around.

You must have one-inch margins all around.
Double-space your paper. Do not put additional space between paragraphs, titles, etc.

Your paper must be 4-6 pages (NOT including a works cited page). Number your pages.

In lieu of a title page, include the following information in this order at the top of the first page of your paper (each on its own line): your name, date submitted, course name, my name, and the title of your paper. All of these must be left-justified with the exception of the title of your paper, which should be centered. No extra space between or within the heading.

Your paper must be essay format. This means an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Indent each paragraph and do not include bullet points. Your introduction should have a roadmap of what is to follow.For more information on Power Relations in the United States  read :https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?search=Power+Relations+in+the+United+States+&title=Special%3ASearch&go=Go&ns0=1

Power Relations in the United States

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