Professional Nursing Articles

· The paper will include the Title Page, 2-3 pages for the Main Body of the paper, and a Reference list.

· The paper must include a minimum of 2 professional nursing articles published within the past 5 years.

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Professional Nursing Articles
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o Articles must be research or evidence based, preferably from nursing journals but may be from a related health field if appropriate for the topic. Opinions, blogs, editorials, etc. are not research or evidence based.

o Each article must have a minimum of one nurse author

o QCC Library Research Process Guide:

· Discuss one health initiative within your paper/presentation as described below and how it relates to your topic. See specific health initiative per course:




Health Initiative


Web Link


NUR 105


QSEN Competencies



· Discuss implications for nursing practice

· The Writing Center (HLC 208) offers tutoring in writing. Contact the Writing Center at 508-854-7488 or email:

· Submit the paper through the assignment link in Blackboard

o Paper will be submitted to Turnitin, which checks for plagiarism.

o It is recommended that students submit the paper (as a Word or RTF document) at least a few days early so they have a chance to review the Turnitin Originality Report. Students will then have an opportunity to make changes and resubmit by the due date.

o Paper must be less than 25% similarity per Turnitin in order to be eligible for grading. Papers with 25% or greater similarity will not receive any points and are subject to the academic honesty/plagiarism policy.







· APA format (7th edition)

o Double spaced, one inch margins (all sides)

o Times New Roman size 12 font (recommended)

o Include a title page per APA format

o Cite all sources quoted or paraphrased in the paper using in-text APA format.

o All work not cited must be original to the student.

o There should be minimal direct quotes. Focus on paraphrasing your content to reduce similarity.

o Include a reference list on the last page with all cited sources noted in the body of the paper listed in APA format



· The presentation must be accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation, brochure, poster board, or other visual aid (see course faculty for guidance). Please be creative in the 10-15 minute presentation.

· Presentations dates will be determined by faculty and may be posted on the course day by day or on Blackboard.

· Students are to remain professional during peer presentations, any unprofessional behavior is subject to reduction in points and/or disciplinary action per the Student Code of Conduct policy.

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