Project Paper

The article being analyzed is Long-Term Storage Credits: Analyzing Market-Based Transactions to Achieve Arizona Water Policy Objectives. The article is written by Rebecca Bernat, Sharon Megdal, and Susan Eden, who are professors at the University of Arizona in the Department of Environmental Science and Water Resources Research Center.

APA format essay on the approved topic.

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Project Paper
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This essay will have 3 – 5 sources including personal observations and interviews from library and online sources.

The profile will be of a stakeholder who either supports or opposes the solution you proposed in your Proposal Argument.

Key Features of a Profile:

The subject is someone compelling, interesting, maybe even puzzling
Profiles provide descriptive, sensory details to help readers imagine how the subject looks, sounds, act, maybe even smells
Profiles include several direct quotations from the subject or others that help readers understand the person’s opinions and perspectives
Profiles draw on evidence and insights from a variety of sources, such as personal observations, interviews, and library and online research
Profiles present several anecdotes about the subject that show readers the background and experiences that have shaped the subject
Profiles lead readers to a particular emotional response to, fresh take on, or logical conclusion about the subject.For more information on  Project Paper check this:

Project Paper

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