Psychological Disorders

For this assignment you may choose the one of the options on Psychological Disorders, or you may go back and choose one of the options you haven’t used yet from a previous unit.  You are to write a 2-3 page paper on the topic. The paper should be in APA format, but do not worry about an abstract. You will need to use 2 reputable sources for this paper. Reputable sources include, but are not limited to: peer reviewed journals, newspapers, documentaries, magazine, etc. When you are reviewing sources to determine if they are reputable please make sure the source is not biased, the author is credentialed in the field, or the public can not make alterations to the articles.

Psych Disorders: For this topic I would like you to analyze a psych disorder in regards to neuropsychology. What areas of the brain are affected by this disorder? Are there additions or deficits in areas of the brain related to this disorder? What are the characteristics and diagnostic criteria for this disorder? Are there any treatments for this disorder? If there are treatments are some more effective than others? Is there a way to determine what treatments would be more effective (there may not be)?

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Psychological Disorders
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Psych Disorder Case Study: For this option you are to find a case study related to a psych disorder. Read through the case study and discuss it. Discuss if there are any direct neuropsychological ties. Discuss the symptoms the person is/was exhibiting. Were there any symptoms that made this disorder very obvious to you? What treatments did they undergo if any? How did this negatively affect their life, i.e. job loss, relationship loss, overspending, etc? Anything else that stand out in the case study. Remember you are analyzing the case and how this person is demonstrating the Psych Disorder symptoms.

For each of these options do not restrict yourself to just the disorders discussed in the book. You can branch out and use other disorders, but they must be a diagnosable condition.

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Psychological Disorders

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