Psychology Research Method

View the library tutorial on using the GCU databases and the empirical journal checklist. Find a scholarly peer reviewed journal from the library. Select a research study (complete with Method, Results, and Discussion sections).In 850-1,000 words, analyze the article.1. List the research question(s)/hypothesis being considered in the article.2. Summarize the study being conducted, including the purpose of the study.3. Describe the method and design used to test the research question(s)/hypothesis, including:· Discuss if you believe the method and design was the correct method and design for the study. If not, what would your suggestion for method and design be?· Describe the variables, how were they defined and operationalized?4. Discuss if the study is ethically sound. Why or why not. What elements are present, or lacking, to show it is ethically sound.Include at least two to four scholarly sources.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA 7th Style Guide.For more information on Psychology Research Method check on:

DNP Role Presentation

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Psychology Research Method
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