Public Budgeting and Finance

This essay is a minimum of six pages. If done efficiently, these questions can be answered in three and a half pages each question (meaning numbered questions, and not each portion of the question).


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Public Budgeting and Finance
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1. First read the functions of Legislators on page 11. Once you read page 11 to gain an understanding of the legislative function, read the Minicase on pages 138-140. Define the term Earmark Revenue, then select a case from the United States government of an earmark revenue budget. Please explain the real-life case in detail. Take a position on the case, explain by using credible sources to support your position. You can use the text as a source,, and a minimum of three additional credible source (NO WIKIPEDIA).


2. Read pages 290-303 to gain an idea of the function of an Inspector General (IG). Once you have a good understanding of an IG, please define the IG position and their function in government. Once you complete that task, explain the benefits and shortcomings of the position. Take a stance on whether you believe an IG is a necessary position in government. Please be detailed, use real life examples, and be CLEAR on your position. Support all assertions with credible sources.


Write a 6-page paper on Public Budgeting and Finance.


Use at least 6 quality articles and sources as references.


APA format. (preferably 7th edition)


Provide a key concept, analysis, and conclusion.


Must be able to pass a plagiarism detector.


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Public Budgeting and Finance

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