Quality and Safety Literature Review On OB Hemorrhage

Assignment Overview:

The Quality and Safety Literature Review provides the student the opportunity to appraise the current literature on a particular quality & safety topic that examines substantive findings, as well as theoretical and methodological contributions in the area being researched. It will begin to form the framework for the CQI Risk Management Project.

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Quality and Safety Literature Review On OB Hemorrhage
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Writing Assignment Guidelines:
First, select a topic of interest that reflects a patient/client quality safety issue. Examples could include but not limited to falls, HAC, peri-op issues, nutritional needs of long-term residents or clinical documentation. Remember to think outside of nursing – it is a systems issue that you want to address and not place blame on one discipline or team member. Also, look at Chapter 8 even though we have not read it yet – it highlights some potential risks.
* Topics need to be approved by the course professor. The goal is to assure different topics will be addressed to provide diversity for week 8 CQI Project Presentation.
Theoretically, why is this topic a quality safety concern? How does it impact the patient/client? What is being said about your selected quality safety issue on the national, state, and local level?
Research what is being reported on the topic in the literature and in the documents/reports from the agencies you have read about in the first few modules of the course. Identify national or state benchmarks or other institution rates that pertain to your topic. This will allow you to compare your agencies or institutions performance to these outside benchmarks.
What is the literature saying regarding the methodology of the quality safety concern? From the literature and relevant agencies, reflect on what they are reporting is being done to address the issue. The paper should be 7 to 10 pages not including the title and reference page. For grading criteria, review the Utica College NUR Writing Rubric located in the . The literature must be scholar reviewed and wintin 5 years old or less. THE SUBJECT OF THIS CLASS IS
NUR-603-Z5 Quality Improvement & Safety in Health Care.For more information on  Quality and Safety Literature Review On OB Hemorrhage read this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obstetrical_bleeding

Quality and Safety Literature Review On OB Hemorrhage

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