Questions for Chemistry

1. How many significant figures are in the following measurements?

1.900 in
10360 cm
2.00 g
160 ml
160. kg
0.0123 m

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Questions for Chemistry
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2.Conversions and temperature calculations (use correct significant numbers).

How many grams in 16.9 pounds?

How many inches in 2.9 meters?

What is the temperature in Fahrenheit give a temperature of 306 K?


3. Solve the following density problems, report your answers including units AND answer with the correct number of significant numbers.

a) What is the density of a liquid with a mass of 23.98 g and volume of 8.8 mL?

b) What is the volume of a solid whose density is 4.67 g/cm3 and mass is 110 g?

c) What is the mass of a solid if the solid has a density of 7.84 g/mL and a has dimensions of 1.98 cm x 0.74 cm x 1.08 cm.

4. What is the total length of the following measurements in cm? 9.96m, 128.95 mm, 12 dm and 36.1cm? For more information on Questions for Chemistry Check: 

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